Bose, Apple, Jaybird, Skullcandy and many more brands have launched competitive products that are designed for everyday audio use. Each headset has unique advantages and disadvantages that cater to specific segments within the market. I am constantly on the hunt for the right headset that meets all of my needs, so I can avoid switching products when I change activities.

Improving the way we sleep can have positive downstream impacts on our daily energy and health. New sleep and relaxation apps are best experienced with a good pair of headphones, so I spent some time exploring the pros and cons…

This is written for non-developers who want to quickly grab a python code snippet and give it a whirl! No additional software or project repositories needed, just run code in your browser.

This is a very brief intro to and Google Colab.

If you have a GMail account, then Google Colab is a great choice because you can integrate directly with your Google Drive. If you don’t have Gmail, and don’t want to make one, then maybe just skip to the section.

Google Colaboratory (Colab)

Rick Pflasterer

I am a curious DIYer interested in technologies, products, and ideas that help people live in more productive and healthy ways.

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